我們現已加入建造業議會的非強制性分包商基本名冊,註冊編號為 R006640,歡迎致電查詢。
◆ 專業修補渠筒服務(Pipe rehabilitation)

◆ 彩色視像管道探測工程

◆ 態度誠懇,專業服務,完工免費保養

◆ 一年365日照常服務, 年終無休

◆ 安全、清潔、環保、合符香港環保法例

Hang Tone Drainage Engineering Limited as a specialist contractor offering all aspects of drainage and sewerage works including Pipe and Manhole Rehabilitation,
CCTV drains & sewers Survey, Manhole Inspection, High Pressure Water Jetting, Underground Utility Survey and Flow Survey. Our specialist vehicles, equipment and
skilled personnel enable our Services to offer a fast, flexible response to meet the exacting needs of our demanding client base.
We are committed to Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental issues. We have paid efforts to improve our company and staff’s qualities standard by providing
training and tuitions not less than any others in the field.

Personnel working on the Pipe Relining work, CCTV survey, manhole inspection, flow survey and underground utility detection shall be fully trained and with
valid certificates for CCTV Survey (Issued by Manufacturer), CCTV Survey Coding Certificate (WTI WRC’s MSCC and UTI), Confined Spaces Works Certificate
(CICTA or equivalent), Pipe and Cable Locating (CP registered under Cap406H from EMSD) etc.
In addition, our senior staff are the Manager member (MHKIUS) in Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists (HKIUS) or the engineer with at least 10-year
work experience in drainage related fields and has good understanding of the important background of the works.